Horacio Riquelme

Horacio joins Interdoc in 2007, after spending 17 years at international localization companies, where he specialized in developing Production Facilities, Vendor Management structures, and Quality Assurance procedures. In 2001, he became Country Manager, Chile, for Berlitz GlobalNet, then Bowne Global Solutions, and finally Lionbridge, heading 3 restructuring processes after global acquisitions and reorganizations. Horacio also designed and directed several Balanced Scorecard initiatives around Production and Vendor Development, helping in-country Vendor Managers in Brazil, Chile, US, and Canada, meet their production team's requirements. Horacio has also been assigned as PM Group Manager at Lionbridge's office in Bothell, Washington, helping Global PM's manage various projects, and supporting other Senior Managers.

During 1999, Horacio designed and created the first international office for San Francisco-based eTranslate Inc. in Santiago, Chile. He later became International Consultant for eTransate-San Francisco, participating in the build-out of other international offices, and on assignments to develop vendor relationships and translation quality for the company in Japan. He designed, and supervised the creation of eTranslate operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and later became Director of Operations, Latin America, as well as Country Manager in Chile.

Prior to his work at eTranslate, Horacio had joined Berlitz in 1990, where he held various Production positions, ranging from In-house Translator, to Editor, Proofreader, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Senior PM for Berlitz Chile's largest accounts. Horacio speaks native English, and was educated in Canada and Chile in Communications, Journalism, and Economics, with additional Sales and Operations training in the United States.

Paola Gaytán
Partner & Translation Manager

Paola has been in Language Localization since 1992, dedicating her professional work to translation quality through Vendor Management and Language Process roles and initiatives. Paola founded Interdoc in 2004, developing her translator network both in Chile and the Americas, and establishing working relationships with various Multi-Language Vendors in the US and Europe.

Her experience in Vendor Management began at eTranslate, where she developed a wide network of 150+ translators, in several countries in Latin America. Paola's responsibilities included selection, recruitment, testing, and training of these vendors, as well as managing the relationship with the vendor community. Her experience in Vendor Development continued as a Recruiting Contractor for Bowne Global Solutions during 2003.

Prior to her involvement in Vendor Development, Paola was a Berlitz Linguistic Coordinator for the Oracle account, Berlitz Chile's largest account, where she was responsible for the linguistic quality of the 10-member translator and editor team. Paola liaised directly with Oracle's Linguistic Specialists in Argentina.

Paola holds a BA in Translations, English & French into Spanish, from Universidad Católica de Chile, English Post Graduate Studies from Bentley College in Boston, and is a member of the Chilean Association of Translators and Interpreters (COTICH) acknowledged by the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

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